Spring/Summer 2020: Fridays 2-3 pm Zoom link

The Cardiff Informal Analysis & PDE seminar is meant to be a slow-paced group discussion, led by one speaker. This is meant to allow members of the group to learn new topics, and to give external guests an opportunity to expand on their formal seminar talks in an informal setting.

The schedule of the Cardiff Analysis Seminar can be found here.


May 22: Sabine Bögli (Durham) - On Lieb-Thirring inequalities for one-dimensional non-self-adjoint Jacobi and Schroedinger operators

May 29: Marco Marletta (Cardiff) - A Laplace operator with boundary conditions singular at one point

June 5: Ian Wood (Kent) - Introduction to Dirichlet to Neumann maps and boundary triples

June 12: Jean Lagacé (UCL) - Homogenisation in geometric spectral theory --- a quick introduction

June 26: Laura Monk (Strasbourg) - Geometry and spectrum of random hyperbolic surfaces