Welcome to MA 18

This is the course website for MA 18 (Intermediate Calculus) Fall 2010. This is the website for section 1 only. The website for Prof. Vuletic's sections can be found here.

This page and the MyCourses website will be the only sources of up-to-date information about the course. Please check both regularly, and make sure to refresh.


Contact me with any questions!



12/16: Solutions to the final exam now available under the exams tab.

12/5: Final exam is Friday 12/10 from 2-5 PM at Hunter Lab (on Waterman St).

12/5: Reading period office hours:

11/14: Office hours are:
Sundays (11/21, 12/5) 1-2 pm,
Mondays (11/22, 11/29, 12/6) 5-6 pm,
and Wednesday December 8, 2-4 pm.
All in room A23 of the SciLi!!!

10/25: Midterm statistics and solutions are available under the exams tab.