Book H. Anton, I. Bivens and S. Davis, Calculus Multivariable, 9e (hard copy or ebook)
Online Resource

We will be using the WileyPLUS online system. Our class URL is:

Important information: in order to access the online resource, you must use a code given to you in one of the following two ways:

  1. (recommended) WileyPLUS Stand Alone: This includes the online homework manager system and ebook (you can print pages from the ebook if you like). When purchased through the Wiley webpage (, the cost is $61.95.
  2. WileyPLUS and Text: This way you also get a hard copy of the book. You may purchase either through Wiley, or through the Brown Bookstore. The cost is roughly $160.

Unless you purchase the book in one of these two ways, you will not have access to the online resource, and thus will not be able to hand in homework.

Additional Resources
  • MIT has a free online claculus book by G. Strang. Chapters 11-15 are the relevant ones.
  • Additional notes that I typed for MA 35 (Honors Calculus) last year are here.
Course Hours MWF 9:00-9:50 AM
Room B&H 141
Office Hours

Mondays 4:00-5:00 PM and Tuesdays 3:00-4:00 PM.

If these times don't work for you, email me to set up a meeting.

My office is at KASSAR HOUSE, and it is office 012. All my contact information is available here.

TA Sections

All sections are on Tuesdays.

  • 9 AM, Wilson 206 (Yunhui Wu)
  • noon, B&H 163 (Sam Carter)
  • 4 PM, B&H 159 (Yunhui Wu)
  • 4 PM, Sayles 305 (Kesinee Ninsuwan)
TA Office Hours TA Yunhui Wu will hold office hours on Mondays 12-2 PM and on Wednesdays 12-1 PM at Kassar 018.

Your final grade will be the best of the following averages:

  1. 15% Midterm 1, 15% Midterm 2, 35% Homework, 35% Final
  2. 20% Midterm 1, 35% Homework, 45% Final
  3. 20% Midterm 2, 35% Homework, 45% Final
  4. 35% Homework, 65% Final
Homework Rules

A typical homework assignment will consist of two parts. Part I will be completed online through the WileyPLUS interface. The system prompts you for your answer only - you do not need to show your work - and the system will grade it automatically. Part II will be a few additional problems that I would like you to solve on paper, showing your work, and submit this write-up to your TA.

Assignments will be assigned from one Tuesday to the next. Part I will be available on the WileyPLUS website, and Part II will be announced in class and in your TA section, and will be available here as well.

Getting Help

If you are having trouble with any of the course topics, you are encouraged to go to the Math Resource Center (MRC). There, you will find graduate students and advanced undergraduate students who can help you with notions from the course and homework.

MRC hours are 8 - 10 pm, Monday through Thursday, at Kassar 105. Directions and info can be found here.